We love when creatives join forces and produce wedding content that is inspiring but also something we don't typically see. This dark and modern styled wedding shoot is elegant yet edgy, almost lending it a mysterious and enchanting vibe.


"On a stormy winter day, in the most Easternly part of Newfoundland, Canada, we got to weave a little magic into a beautiful space in downtown St. John's. Bringing together some of the talented and unique vendors that we have here in the city is always pure bliss and this time was no different. 

Halfway through our pre planning for the 2018 wedding season, my soul was jonesing for something a little out of the box. Some creativity, and a desire to showcase a look apart from the beautiful soft whites and blushes of your typical wedding palette brought about this design. Black and modern. Beautiful calla's with their long graceful necks, suspended from a bed of moss, were the focal point of our tablescape design with the Flower Studio. Their design for the centrepiece set the stage for this elegant, edgy table look put together by Borrowed & Blu. 

Something that was important to me was to incorporate was my grandmother's silverware that she was gifted back in 1949. The collection is her prized possession, and although she was nervous to let it out of her site, she agreed to let us "borrow" it ;)  I explained that I wanted to weave in a feeling of vintage tradition, accompanied by the memories of all our special family dinners from the past 69 years. It was the perfect touch and she is thrilled with the photos. 

The photos of the engagement ring and bands are part of a new blog series we are introducing called "The Story Behind the Ring". The ring featured is a custom designed engagement ring that is encase by two bands. The owner, my best friend and also fellow lady boss, is a jewelry designer and wanted to merge together tradition and style in her wedding ring set. The plain gold band is actually her grandmother's wedding band that was resized and cut in half so that she could wear one half beneath her engagement ring, and one band on top. A diamond and gold Oreo if you will."


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