Simple, earthy and rustic are the perfect words to describe Heather and Craig's wedding in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. As musicians, the couple wanted their wedding day to be a reflection of themselves. What better way than to have their friends perform as the live band!

The Proposal

We knew each other through the music scene but officially met at a party at his house. We were friends for years before we ended up dating. After three years together, we bought a house and a dog so we has talked about tying the knot for a while. One day he proposed and I said yes and now it's happy ever after.


We wanted to keep it simple but elegant and something that felt like us. Hubbards Barn is a beautiful location and it helped with the rustic feel so we went with that and decided on earthy colours - green, brown and white. Pinterest is amazing for coming up with ideas and a lot of it was us crafting it ourselves.


Both of us are musicians so some details hinted at that and we couldn't have a party without a live band. Our friends did an amazing job performing that night.

Favourite Moment

Our favourite moment was seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. It was nerve wracking but amazing. The ceremony turned out better than we hoped. Second was the live music and partying with our friends.


Hire a professional so it takes the stress off of you the day of the wedding. We hired a professional wedding day coordinator and photographer which made our day mostly stress free. It is worth the extra money and you won't regret it. No one wants to have to worry about all those details on your wedding day.


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