Becky and Eb's geometric and brightly coloured wedding in Baddeck, NS was a true representation of their lives together. This classic Cape Breton wedding included sweeping views of Baddeck and the surrounding landscape, while also incorporating Eb's Ghanaian culture. 

Love Story

Ebenezer (Eb) and I met through mutual friends - Eb played soccer at CBU at the same time as my sister. He contacted her looking for a physiotherapist in Cape Breton and she recommended me as that was what I was doing at the time. Eb messaged me on Facebook, but never came to see me for physio. A few months later we met when I was on a course in Halifax and we've been together from that point on.


We bought a house Cape Breton and Eb came up the weekends after we took possession to start working on renos. One night he brought a Kenny's pizza and some drinks to the house - I thought we were going to start work in the living room, but instead he got down on one knee in front of the fireplace and proposed! It was very casual but perfect. I knew it was coming, but he kept telling me it was going to be public (not my style!) so it was a surprise.


I'm a big Pinterester and really liked the geometric style mixed with bright colours.

Personal Meaning 

I really wanted to incorporate some of my husband's culture into our wedding day (he was born and raised in Ghana). We used the Kente cloth fabric for the bridal attire, which is also quite bright and geometric itself. Since our wedding was in Cape Breton, this was the best way I could think to incorporate his culture.

Favourite Moment 

That's so tough because everything was amazing and exceeded my expectations! I loved getting to say our vows in private on the dock. We said them during the ceremony but it felt like less pressure and a bit more personal to share that moment alone saying them. Another favourite moment was during the ceremony when my daughter was handed to my husband and we walked back on the aisle as a family.


Don't be afraid to do your own thing - it will be an extra special if you incorporate personal touches and trust your instincts! I felt like our wedding was unique and exactly what I pictured - a relaxed, grazing-style meal after a late ceremony that led into the party. The plan and the details were questioned by lots of people but I trusted my gut and the day went by and worked out flawlessly and as exactly what myself and Eb wanted! Nobody else's opinions mattered - it was our day!