Maia and Matt's seaside garden party wedding took place on a beautiful summer day at the Atlantica Oak Island Resort - the perfect spot to celebrate their unity as husband and wife. We love when couples choose locations and specifics for their wedding that have personal meaning, and that's exactly what Maia and Matt did, creating a wonderful experience for themselves and their guests. 

Maia's words...

"It was really important to both of us that we were married in a spot where family and friends from afar could all stay in one place, and we really wanted the ceremony to be by the ocean. My family used to keep a boat at the Oak Island Marina, so the spot was sentimental for our family as well. We were hoping that the day would feel cheerful and carefree, and colourful but still classic, so went for a seaside garden party sort-of vibe. Food, drinks, and music were also important to us. It took us a while to nail down, but we really wanted a ukulele player for our ceremony, which set the atmosphere for the afternoon and into the evening.

Matt and I wanted the day to feel laid-back and welcoming, and we were so excited about having our closest family and friends together over the weekend. The first look was very special for us, and wasn't something that we had initially planned on doing. It was so nice to have that moment alone together, like the calm before a storm, and it allowed us to take in every moment of our ceremony and feel connected with our guests who came to be there on our big day.

The cocktail hour was another part of the day that was very memorable for us. We were crossing our fingers that the weather would cooperate, and it was perfect. We had plenty of drinks, snacks, and yard games, and it felt magical listening to the ukulele and looking over to our guests at the cocktail hour while we were having our photos taken. It lasted far longer than we even expected, and watching it unfold the way that it did was very heartwarming.

My father was in a classic rock cover band when I was young, but they stopped playing almost 25 years ago. We asked if they'd consider playing a few songs at the reception as a mini-reunion, and they came through with 15 songs in only two practices. It was such a fun, unexpected, and memorable way to start the dance!"