You're engaged! Now it's time to think about who you'd like in your bridal party. Some people find it easy to choose who they would like to stand with them, while others find it stressful. Every bride and groom is different so you should make the choice that best suits you.

It's hard choosing in advance who you would like to stand with you however, I have learned during and since the wedding that you find out who your true friends are through this process and sometimes it may be a hard outcome.

Here are some tips that Matthew and I learned from choosing our bridal party. I hope they are useful to those reading this!

Choose people who you can rely on and are dependable.

Weddings can be stressful especially closer to the big day, therefore you need people who are willing to be helpful and are reliable. You want people with you who offer to help and not demand things of you.
Choose people who you can trust. You want to have people with you who value you, will respect your wishes, and are true friends.

Choose people who you can have fun with on the special day.

It's your big day so you want individuals around you who will help ease the stress, make the getting ready process exciting, to create a laid back atmosphere and to remember when you may have forgotten the rings at the location you were getting ready ...

Choose people who know your quirks.

Being around individuals who understand you and your possible quirks makes for such an easier day. Everyone has unique qualities and when you have your good friends or family with you ... it makes it go easier. Believe me.

Remember, your wedding is your special day and you want it to be happy, fun and enjoyable. Having individuals with you, helping you, supporting you and laughing with you is so important! I hope these tips helps you brides or grooms out there and I want to wish you a congratulations!

This guest post is written by East Coast Bride Christie.

Photo: Terri-Lynn Warren Photography


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