Marriage isn't always a walk in the park. You might not agree on some things and you're going to have to find ways to have discussions about important topics. If you are interested in completing a marriage course, here are 3 tips from East Coast Bride Megan's personal experience.

Back in January, my fiancé Shane and I met with the priest of the parish we are to be married in. After discussing the details of the ceremony the priest gave us materials for the marriage course.

For those who don't know, it is custom in the Catholic religion for couples to complete this course as it outlines important discussions all couples should have before marrying. Every parish is different as some require you complete the course with the priest however, our priest said we could do it on our own and it wasn't mandatory, which was very nice.

Most people think it's all about religion and faith but in reality there is only one exercise that discusses faith. It allows for discussion on many things that maybe some couples have never discussed before like, finances, kids, views on alcoholism and drugs, in-laws and much more. I highly recommend all couples complete some sort of marriage course as I think it is extremely important to be on the same page with your future spouse in those major aspects of life.

I was interested to complete the course myself as I was curious as to what our discussions would be like. After completing the booklet, we were quite pleased as we had already spoken before on all the topics and it really just reiterated what we both wanted individually and together.

If you are interested in completing a marriage course, keep in mind these 3 tips from my personal experience:

1. Be Open.

Be open to what your partner has to say but also be firm with your views. Marriage is about sacrifice and compromise combined, so speak on what is truly important to you but also consider the views your future spouse has as well. Everything should be a balance.

2. Get Away.

Take a long weekend away together to complete your marriage course. My fiancé and I went to Oak island Inn in Nova Scotia and completed our marriage course pool side! It was very nice to make a weekend out of it and it made us feel even more connected than ever.

3. Take the advice.

Every couple is different, but the course offers great insight on how to make a relationship work. If you struggle in a particular area, talk to your partner about it and then look to other resources to help overcome that issue.

Not everyone feels comfortable to complete the marriage course, but I highly recommend having those discussions before your big day. That way, once you walk down that isle and say I do, you are completely in sync and can have a happy start to your new life together.

Photo Credit: Chelle Wootten Photography


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