Apparently it's common and all brides feel it. The inner beast that comes out, terrorizing all who encounter it. Yes, I'm talking about the bridezilla. Sadly this started to happen to me, but the good thing is I have recognized it and have stopped it from festering, so luckily my wrath will not reach as far as Asia. Here are three tips to help you tame bridezilla.

We all know wedding planning can be stressful. I really started feeling it once I realized vendors were closed on the day of my wedding because it's a holiday. Maybe not the smartest idea in hindsight but what can you do when the date is already set?

I went on vacation to New York back in 2011 and we purchased tickets for the hop on hop off bus tour. We had a grand time seeing the sights of New York and our fun, silly tour guide made it all the better. We stopped at one landmark and our bliss was interrupted by an unruly tourist who started hitting and kicking the side of the bus and yelling that he had been waiting for two hours to get on. He had planned to take the bus at a specific time but said no one had come. Our tour guide quickly jumped into action and tried to explain the situation and calm the man down. He apologized and brought him inside the bus and (to our happiness) sat him in a seat right next to us. The man was still shouting angrily and was not giving up on his frustration. The tour guide came over to him empathetically and said with his new York accent "It's okay sir, calm yourself down sir, just calm yourself down," and embraced him in a hug that the man (funny enough) reciprocated!

This is what my sister reminded me of today when I was blowing my cap. "Just calm yourself down sir," she joked. And she is right! Stressing and worrying about things out of my control is not going to help. If anything my stress will make things worse and I will not be able to enjoy the planning experience or the wedding day itself.

These are three things to keep in mind if we brides start to become a bridezilla:

There needs to be a balance. If wedding planning starts to take over we need to take time away from the planning and refocus. Find time to breathe and relax and take the pressure and stress away. Maybe it's a sign we need to delegate more and that is the perfect time to bring in friends and family for help and advice.

We have to not only consider our peace of mind but keep in mind the time and effort of those a part of the puzzle! Make friends with your vendors. They are here to help make your day the best it can be. Try to be understanding and accommodating as they (hopefully) will be for you.

The most important thing to keep in mind of what the day is really about. You are marrying the love of your life and nothing should take that happiness away from you. If you put more emphasis and stress the silly small things that don't matter, the less chance you will be able to enjoy your wedding day. So relax, let go and enjoy this time. Who's with me?

Photo Credit: Nicole Lapierre Photography


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