If you’ve ever been asked to stand in a wedding as a bridesmaid or maid of honour, you know that with those titles comes planning the brides last party as a single girl. While the traditional plan includes an abundance of drinking on a party bus or wearing penis shaped hats while consuming copious amounts of shots, why not plan a unique bachelorette party that the bride will love and always remember. If you’re a bridesmaid planning the party or a bride who wants something different than drinking her face off, here’s our advice for planning an awesome bachelorette party.

(Photo Credit: Andrea Lee Photography on Bridal Musings)

Have a heart to heart with the bride

While some might think the bride should have no say in her bachelorette party, think about it from her perspective. She doesn’t want to do something she’s not comfortable with or won’t have fun at. After all, it is her party! Think about her favourite things to do and include her in the planning process. Ask for her suggestions on things she’d love to do as a group and then choose or tailor some of her options.

The party doesn’t have to involve extensive travel

Let’s face it. Expecting all the bridesmaids and the brides friends to travel to Vegas for a weekend away is a lot to ask, especially when you throw in a bridal shower and the wedding in the mix. Think local and plan a night closer to home. If you want a change of scenery, head to the next town over. A tank of gas is definitely a lot cheaper than a plane ticket and you can find some great local activities fit for a bachelorette party.

Don’t let the party break the bank

While most hosts cover the costs for a bridal shower, the attendees of a bachelorette party pay for themselves and the bride shouldn’t pay for anything. With that in mind, be conscious of everyone’s budgetary constraints but don’t stress about trying to please everyone. Choose activities that won’t cost a fortune and that can be split amongst the group. Communicating with the group early on in the planning stages will help everyone be able to afford to party.

Organize, but don’t over schedule

Plan the big stuff – hotels, transportation, any major activities – but don’t stress about filling every moment of the bachelorette party with things to do. Leave plenty of time between activities for people to relax, chat and enjoy themselves.

Remember, it’s all about the bride

While the bride may not want to be blinged out in a sash or tiara, it is nice to shine the spotlight on her so everyone knows she’s the centre of attention. Ask the guests to wear a certain colour and the bride wear all white or adorn the bride with a classy veil. It’s the brides night to celebrate with her girl friends, so she should get what she wants!

Here are a few bachelorette party ideas (that don’t include strip clubs):

  • A wine or champagne tasting tour
  • A group dance class or a group hike
  • A classy, catered dinner at home
  • Enjoy a spa day
  • Have a theme night – Sparkle party, Barbie theme – you get the idea!
  • A weekend away at a cottage
  • Get dolled up for a night on the town complete with a limo
  • A good ol’ fashioned slumber party

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