More and more brides are incorporating a dessert bar into their wedding. From 5-year-olds to our grannies, a dessert bar provides a variety of different sweets and treats for your guests. Your guests will love the selection of desserts – cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pastries and candy – the choices are endless. Read on for our advice on creating a wedding dessert table.

Think about your vision

Your dessert table is the perfect way to add in more elements of your wedding colours, theme and décor. Creating a focal point, such as your wedding cake, will bring your whole vision together. Be sure to incorporate desserts you and your groom love and enjoy or that mean a lot to you, like cookies and milk or s’mores.

Tell guests what they’re eating

Labeling or describing your sweets will let your guests know what it is they’re about to eat, which is great when they’re picking and choosing what goodies they want. From chalkboard signs to personalized tags that match your wedding stationary, this is a great way to incorporate more of your wedding theme.

Provide to-go boxes and goodie bags

Some guests may not want to eat dessert right away and providing goodie bags will allow them to take their desserts back to their table or home with them. It’s a great way to remind guests just how sweet your wedding day was!

Check out our favourite dessert table ideas below. Tell us: will you have a dessert table at your wedding?


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