Barefoot Blooms is a full-service florist, specializing in organic and seasonal floral designs inspired by nature. Our gardens grow a variety of annuals, perennials, vegetables and orchards, as well as wild-harvest flowers and foliage. From bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral crowns, to ceremony and reception flowers, and even floral collars for pets, we supply our brides and grooms with all their floral needs.

We believe that every flower has a story and that the experience of growing and gathering our plants lends to our creativity when we are crafting our floral arrangements.

What sets us apart from other florists is how we approach our consultation process with our couples. We invite brides, grooms and their loved ones to come together for a garden visit and mock-up session, giving them the ability to really see their floral vision come to life. This proves to be a very fun, relaxing, and special time to share with loved ones as their wedding preparations take shape. The consultation concludes with desserts and beverages at a local restaurant, The Flying Apron.

The way in which we include our couples in planning their floral arrangements allows them to share in the creation of the flowers for their special day, which we believe resonates with a very deep human experience rooted in our relationship with plants. In this experience, amid beautiful flowers and intoxicating scents, memories are created as stories are shared, as tears are shed, and laughter fills the room.

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